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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. as we've seen all this severe weather across parts of
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the nation, really, we've just been waiting our turn and our turn seems to be right now. >> i happened to be in the area, and that same funnel cloud passed over the top of me about five minutes later. >> so get inside and stay inside right now. >> a confirmed tornado touched down tonight in the area, and much of the area is still under a tornado warning right now. good evening. i'm jim advanvance. >> i'm doreen gents. we begin with doug and there are tornados still in effect. >> we've seen this one storm system that has put out repeated tornado warnings, and right now we have a tornado warning until 11:15 for the city of manassas. this tornado a little bit earlier on radar was very, very
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indicative of what we would expect a tornado to be, with a classic hook right around manassas. if you're in manassas or around manassas park or longview or bloom crossing right there, you're under the gun as far as this possible tornado is concerned. now, once again, what we've seen already this evening is the fact that these tornadoes have moved along, they moved back up into the sky and then come back down. we do see reports of damage, then they move back up. this might be one of those cases where it may be moving back up just in time. but we're seeing very heavy rain right now around chantilly, around the herndon area, down the toll road and towards centreville right along 66 and a possible tornado right along manassas right now. once again, a tornado warning in effect until 11:15. this has been one in a number of tornadoes we've seen throughout the afternoon and it's not just in our area, it's all across the east. let's take a look at this first storm that came through a little bit earlier. this was the storm reports from one storm. you could see 1.25-inch hail. that is some very large hail
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making its way down around southern portions of virginia. as we make our way to the north, you see the next hail report. 1-inch hail around thornhill, virginia and the combination of the tornado on the ground, we saw it in stafford, and then a confirmation right around quantico and more damage reports around prince george's county. we bring veronica here, and very on ka, this is something we just don't see very often. >> this is true. in all my years of reporting here, i've never seen as many reports, i've never seen as many images. a lot of our viewers around 25, and at 7:00 this evening, they were out there and they took a lot of images of rotating clouds, pedestal clouds and tornadoes. again, captured between 5:45 and 7:00 mainly between stafford county, virginia and prince george's county, maryland. as far as any serious injuries, we have not gotten any reports of that, but this has been just one horrific event for us
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because this is all part of a bigger system that has brought record reports of tornadoes all across the country from down through the deep south as is still the case right now going on. but these are amazing images, again, that you just do not see around here. and we've got more to come because as you take a look, we've had over the past 24 hours, nearly 130 reports of tornadoes, mainly across northern alabama, mississippi and eastern tennessee, all part of a system that's coming this way. >> that's just the last 24 hours, so 127 tornado reports, and that part of the system is moving our way, and we expect that storm system to move in here tomorrow morning. the tornado threat may be primarily tonight. that's the best piece of this, because tomorrow when that next storm moves through, it may be just a damaging wind piece, but we're still going to watch out for the isolated tornadoes. jim and doreen, we'll be watching this all night as a tornado watch continues across the entire area until 2:00 in the morning.
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>> doug, veronica, thank you. you can see dark, ominous clouds closing in on them, jackie bensen reports tonight. jackie? >> this picture was taken by prince george's county fire chief jim bajour seeing what he encountered as a funnel cloud at about 6:00 p.m. >> rain would go beside you and then go the other way. trees would lift up in the air but not actually falling over. so it was definitely not on the ground at this point. >> nearby, 14 firefighters from the morningside and clinton volunteer fire departments had been called to princeton elementary school to deal with an electrical problem. then fire chief mike white saw something alarming in the sky. >> i told communications we had a funnel cloud over the top of the school where we were located. you could hear that regular freight train noise that everyone describes when they first hear a tornado forming, and you could see the trees
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lifting up into the air over to our left of the school. >> reporter: rain fell in to torremts. when it was over, downed roadsigns. prince george's county officials say there was also a number of traffic accidents, mostly fender benders, as the weather blew through. reporting from morningside, maryland, jackie bensen, news4. >> some of the most dramatic video we've seen tonight is from viewers. news man craig mel man joins us where he talked to one man who saw a twister in stafford county. craig? >> we spent the evening in stafford county, virginia, as you mentioned, and many say they saw a twister up close. some were brave, or perhaps silly enough, to stop and record. >> above the building. >> when the stafford sky started to look dangerous, greg
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tomlinson grabbed his cell phone. >> i said i got to hang up, i'm going to take some video of this. then we watched the rotation happen, and then we saw the black cloud come down near the building i was on, so it was just crazy. >> he thinks this is a tornado. chris kopecki says she's pretty sure she also saw a twister in stafford. she snapped this picture. >> i saw it twice. it went once and then kind of dropped back up and went into a second funnel. i sent it to him to make him aware of it. >> to warn her husband about what he might run into in his afternoon commute on i-95, she e mailed this picture to him. >> encountered hail, strong winds, saw lightning all around. the truck was bouncing to and fro. >> reporter: we received dozens of pictures like this from people who heard the howling winds and saw the scary skies, but so far, no major reports of damage on the ground in or around stafford, virginia.
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back live here in oldtown, alex andrea, where the scene is starkly different than we saw in stafford. news4 team, back to you. >> all right, craig. thank you. coming up next on 4 at 11:00, what albert haynesworth said to police officers. >> also, president obama setting the record straight about his birth certificate. i'm in what has become a hi, i'm mark fisher, ceo of sport and health.
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our region was certainly not the only one to witness serious storms this evening. this is video of a tornado that ripped through tuscaloosa near the university of alabama. a worker in the athletics department there captured this footage. 25 deaths in alabama today are blamed on the severe weather. >> frightening pictures. let's go back to meteorologist doug kammerer with the latest on the tornado warnings here. doug? >> that tornado warning still in effect for another couple minutes. for manassas, that's where the storm is right now, on top of manassas. that's where we see the rotation of that storm, also around chantilly, fairfax and the
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oakton area and getting ready to cross over 76. we see it continuing to make its way to the north and east. we're not done yet. my complete forecast coming up in just a bit. >> thank you, doug. president obama released his detailed birth certificate today to prove that he's qualified to hold the office. it shows that he was born in hawaii in 1961. it was signed by his mother and a doctor. a recent "new york times" poll shows that two-thirds of republicans in this country believed the president was born in another country. possible presidential candidate donald trump has been fuelling the doubt. the president hopes the issue of his birthplace can be put to rest. >> we do not have time for this kind of sill iness. we've got stuff to do. >> the state of hawaii stopped releasing original birth records ten years ago. the state made an exception this time for the president's request. albert haynesworth, the defensive player for the
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redskins, his lawyer says that the client will not accept a plea deal. today prosecutors said if haynesworth agreed to plead guilty to simple assault, they would drop the misdemeanor sexual abuse charge. haynesworth is accused of sliding his credit card into the bra of a waitress at the w hotel back in february. he is then accused of touching her breast. after the alleged incidents, according to court documents, haynesworth told police, quote, i know what this is about. she is just upset i have a white girlfriend. i couldn't tell you the last time i dated a black girl. she was trying to get with me. we caught up with haynesworth's lawyer today. >> the real issue here is these beefed-up allegations had to be done in order to have this story make sense. >> haynesworth will have his day in court. if he is found guilty, he's facing up to six months in jail and a fine. coming up next on news4 at
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11:00, the final rehearsal for the royal wedding. jame
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only about 30 hours now until the royal wedding of prince william and katherine middleton. the middleton family tonight is
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spending the evening at a hotel while prince william is sleeping at the clarence house. today there was an unexpected bonus for the crowd along the streets. >> and that crowd is growing. a full-scale dress rehearsal was held very early this morning to make sure things will go without a hitch on the big day. wendy rieger joins us live from london with more. hey, wendy! >> hi, guys. how long has this wedding been going on in the planning stages? it seems like about 25 years, maybe? where are we now? we have the wedding rehearsal behind us. the jumbotrons are now being erected here in trafalgar square for the viewing and we're in the middle of a religious sweep. finally the royal wedding is on the launch pad. even the buckingham palace has to haul out the hoover when company is coming. today they sucked out the
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fountain odebris, all signs that this big royal wedding is galloping our way. as the sun rose in london, horses hit the streets for a dress rehearsal of the royal procession from the palace to we westminster abbey. >> these tents will come in handy because it's supposed to rain on the big day. not just rain, a gullywasher. >> this woman who did this for the queen's jubilee knows how to be a royal spectator. >> come early, bring everything. >> wendy lewis and her mom bev both from south africa struggled to erect a child-size marquee, thinking this would keep out the rain. so what are the odds of a wet
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wedding? pad did p paddy power, the irish betting company, says bring your rain boots. >> it does look like we'll get a bit of rain on friday, which is a real shame, but what do you expect? >> the good news is the weather channel now says it looks like that rain that's coming may hold off until after the ceremony, so fingers crossed. back to you guys. >> we see you've broken in a real raincoat, wendy. >> yeah, i have a couple of them. >> we'll see you tomorrow. thank you. let's go back to doug to talk about this dangerous weather we have here tonight. >> we cut in earlier, and we don't do that lightly. we don't cut into thunderstorms, and a lot of times we don't cut into tornado warnings unless we feel cause to do so. tonight we definitely had that cause. we had a lot of tornado warnings out there and one tornado warning just expired as of 11:15, and right now the good
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news is there are no warnings in our area, but we still have some very strong storms to talk about the live doppler radar right now, you can see some lightning in our camera. west of herndon, chantilly, centreville all seeing some very heavy rain right now and that rain is going to continue. you can also see some hail from these storms, and a lot of lightning associated with these, too, but one thing i no longer see is that organization you need for tornadoes, so that's why that tornado warning has been allowed to expire, but once again, right around the reston area, around chantilly, you'll see lots of rain. gaithersburg, glen hills, potomac, you'll see lots of rain in this area, and in northwest washington around the silver spring area, bethesda, still seeing rain there. so this last little storm in that cluster continues to make its way to the north and east. behind it, we're not talking about anything else, at least for the next couple of hours,
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until round 2 begins to make its way in here. right now current temperature, very warm, 73 degrees. dew point at 70. that is fuel to the fire for these thunderstorms. winds to the south at 14 miles per hour. humidity, near 90%. the storms themselves, we saw one little line right here. that's the line that came through our area. here's more rain back to the west. this is the next area that we're going to be watching. right now into portions of west virginia all the way down through parts of georgia and alabama. they have seen a tremendous amount of tornado reports today, over 130 tornado reports in the last 24 hours, and that line is making its way our way. the good news from this today is i think we're going to see a little bit less in the fact of tornado warnings during the day tomorrow. i think our biggest threat tomorrow will be some damaging winds. but look around 11:00,
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culpepper, around the d.c. area at 10:00, around noon just exiting the area. this will be a very fast mover tomorrow, and that's why i do think the biggest threat from this is going to be those damaging winds, maybe upwards of 50, 6 0 miles an hour, maybe up towards 70 miles an hour. we could also see some very heavy downpours. so watch it out there tomorrow morning. you may want to take that big drael or y umbrella or you my just want to call in. winds out of the southwest 30 to 50 miles an hour. thursday we clear up nicely, saturday and sunday, warming up, monday, we're in the 70s. i say call in, just go in late.
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those storms will blow on through. >> thank you, doug. >> th[ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity.
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we're pleased that the caps are going to be able to get out of the house now so their wives won't be angry with them and disgusted with them. >> it's an extended vacation. yeah, they're feeling pretty good. >> a much needed rest. >> they're feeling pretty good. four days after knocking the rangers out of the playoffs in five games, the caps finally found out they will be taking on the tampa bay lightning in the second round of the plaufrs.
11:24 pm
the capitols 4-1-1 this year. tampa bay coach wore his hat. he gets the puck back. watch this pass behind the neck. this is sick, you can barely even see it. watch, fax everybody out. number 10 at the bottom of your screen. what a shot and what a pass there. shawn birmingham scores the only goal of the game. tampa bay beats pittsburgh 1-0 in game 7. they advance to take on the washington capitols. the guys actually had the lead going into the ninth inning. it's the nationals and the mets, shawn burnett. nats up 3-2 and then burnett blows it big time. gives up four runs in the inning, including daniel murphy's two-run double. it's the second run blown this
11:25 pm
season. the nats beat the mets 6-3. and the metz take over last place in the division. the redskins currently hold the tenth overall pick. mike shanahan says they could trade up, they could trade down. we don't know what they're going to do yet. we'll be able to tell you for sure what they did tomorrow night. meanwhile, nfl players have asked a federal judge to deny the league's request to restore the lockout. the judges now weighing all the information from the state, which means the injunction just issued to stop the lockout during the appeals process would be frozen. translation? everybody is in limbo, including the redskins players. one player today, kevin barnes, actually showed up at redskins park just to pick up his mail. he called ahead. they had the mail waiting for him at the front door. didn't let him in the building. >> that's cold,
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tonight's tornado outbreak comes on the eve of the anniversary of the worst tornado ever in maryland. >> five people were killed back in 2002. we now look back at a somber anniversary tomorrow. >> besides those deaths, there were 120 injuries and more than $100 million in damage. the super cell that dropped nine tornadoes -- excuse me, tornadoes nine years ago tomorrow on charles and albert counties actual the got started in west virginia, over 300 miles away. it takes winds greater than 200 miles an hour to move these concrete bricks. this ef-4 tornado did just that and sheerd the roof tops.
11:30 pm
at its peak the winds were between 207 and 260 miles per hour, leaving these homes looking more like dollhouses if their walls were standing, and this the walls were standing, chances were the roofs were missing. if there's a bright spot, it's that it happened on a sunday evening and not a busy weekday. evening and not a busy weekday. >a great looking lawn like this, but trying to grow grass from seed in tough areas like deep shade, along the driveway, and where the kids play can be a little intimidating... until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer and a growing material that absorbs water and expands to surround and protect the seeds, you'll get a thick, green scotts lawn even if you've never been successful
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more issues out there. let's get one more check with doug on the weather. >> we have a lot of pictures, a lot of video. we want to thank our viewers. look at this. this gentleman doesn't know what he just saw, but he moved right past the tornado. it was right there in that storm. that tornado was down near stafford. that is a tornado on the ground down towards stafford. fortunately, we have not seen much in the way of damage. now i'm looking at the latest
11:34 pm
returns on live doppler radar right near reston. we're talking about a hook echo. there could be another storm there, another tornado there making its way into fairfax county and then into montgomery county. a lot of rain on 287 toward gaithersburg. that storm moving to the east. more storms back to the west. i told you around 7:00. there are already tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings in portions of west virginia. >> we'll have the latest on that weather early in the morning. news4 begins at 4:30 tomorrow. now "the tonight show" the coming up next.


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